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W25: Implant Placement using Ridge Expansion

Hands-On Workshop

CEs: 3

Stuart Orton-Jones, BDS

  • Founding member, Pankey Association
  • Member, American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • Member, Association of Dental Implantologists
  • Frequent lecturer, throughout the world on implant topics

In areas where there is poor bone density a technique exists whereby the bone can be compacted towards the walls of the socket being prepared. This increases the density of the socket wall and results in better primary stability of the implants. There are frequently situations in which alveolar ridge width is not adequate to allow the placement of implants with the diameter required. In these circumstances bone grafting can be performed to increase the width of the ridge. In all but the narrowest of ridges bone expansion may be performed to widen the ridges followed by implant placement at the same visit. This saves the patient four to six months as well as the cost and discomfort of the bone grafting procedure. Combination drilling and ridge expansion is suitable for slightly more dense ridges where expansion alone is not possible. Sinus and nasal cortical floor elevation allows longer implants to be placed in the anterior and posterior maxilla where the ridge height is insufficient .

Learning Objectives:

At completion of this presentation, participants should be able to: 

  1. Diagnose and treat suitable cases with ridge expansion and Compaction
  2. Compact ridges
  3. Expand suitable ridges
  4.  Use a combination of drilling and expansion when placing Implants

AGD Subject Code: 315

FEE: $199 ($219 after 9/12/17)


Topics: Stuart Orton-Jones, ridge expansion, implant placement, Hands-on Workshop