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Managing Ridge Atrophy Using the Osseodensification Concept

  • October 12, 2017, 4:30–5:30 pm (Pacific Standard Time)
  • Hilton San Diego Bayfront
    1 Park Boulevard
    San Diego, California 92101
    United States
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Ziv Mazor, DMD

  • Clinical researcher, bone augmentation and sinus-floor elevation.
  • Continuing education faculty, New York University, New York, New York
  • Associate professor, Titu Maiorescu Univeristy, Bucharest, Romania 
  • Private practice in periodontal and implant dentistry, Ra'anana, Isreal

The presentation will focus on the concept of using new innovative treatment approaches as well as unconventional surgical maipulations dealing with atrophic ridge. The new concept of "osseodensification" will be presented enabelling the clinician to preserve existing bone and enhance the outcome through a minimally invasive approach. Osseodensification is a novel, bio-mechanical, non-excavation osteotomy preparation method. Unlike tradition bone drilling technologies, osseodensification does not excavate bone tissue. Rather, it preserves one bulk, so bone tissue is simultaneously compacted and autografted in an outwardly expanding direction for the osteotomy. It is accomplished by using proprietary densifying burs. When the densifying bur is rotated at high speed in a reversed, non-cutting direction with steady external irrigation (Densifying Mode), a dense compacted layer of bone tissue is formed along the walls and base of the osteotomy. Recent studies, showed that Osseodensification was demonstrated to be able to increase the %BV (ridge width and bone volume percentage) around dental implants inserted in low-density bone in respect to conventional implant drilling techniques, which may play a role in enhancing implant stability and reduce micromotion.

The presentation will show step-by-step procedure of this minimal invasive innovative technique for ridge expansion as well as sub crestal sinus augmentation with long term follow ups of both clinical and CBCT radiographs. It will highlight the benefits of this treament modality compared to the existing techniques.

Learning Objectives: 

Upon Completion of this course, Participants should be able to: 

  1. Understand the scientific principle of Osseodensification
  2. Discuss the biomechanical  validation of Osseodensification
  3. Review the clinical and the histological evidence of Osseodensiftication
  4. Optimize the atrophic ridge site to predictable outcome

AGD Subject Code: 499

Topics: Ziv Mazor, DMD, osseodensification, ridge atrophy