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One-Step Ridge Preservation using OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plugs without a Membrane: Scientific Review and Surgical Protocol

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Adj. Prof. Maurice Valen

Adj. Prof. Maurice Valen

• Recipient, AAID Foundation Isaiah Lew Memorial Research Award
•  Formerly Adj. Professor with UMDNJ/Robert Schultz Orthopaedic Institute of NJ  NYU College of Dentistry, Dept. of Dental Materials Science
• Former Board of Director, American Academy of Implant Dentistry Foundation
• Inventor, developer and manufacturer, OsteoGen® bioactve resorbable calcium apatite crystals, OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plugs and Strips, the LaminOss® and PhysiLock® Implant Systems

Sponsored by Impladent Ltd, Presidential Sponsor

This presentation will provide the scientific basis for understanding the OsteoGen® crystals, as well as the OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plugs
and Strips. The presentation will review simple and cost effective surgical protocols for everday socket preservation without requiring a
seperate membrane as well as cover post-extraction grafting around immediate implant placement. An overview of extraction site preparation techniques that yield optimal and predictable clinical outcomes when using these bone grafting products will be discussed.

Learning Objectives: At completion of this presentation, participants should be able to:
1. Demonstrate simple, predictable and cost effective socket grafting techniques without the use of a membrane using the OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plugs
2. Understand surgical applications covering post-extration grafting around immediate implant placement including filling interproximal and facial gaps after extraction using OsteoGen® Plugs and Strips
3. Explain extraction site preparation techniques that yield optimal and predictable clincial outcomes

Topics: Valen, Impladent Ltd, bone grafting, OsteoGen