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Prevailing Trends in Implantology in India

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Mahesh Verma, MDS, MBA, PhD

  • Director and Principle Dean, Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences (MAIDS), New Delhi, India
  • Vice President, Dental Council of India
  • President, Indian Dental Association
  • Honorary Member, ADA

Representing India

Dentists and patients have witnessed a gigantic transformation in the practice of implant dentistry in India. From being seen as an "alternate option" 60 years ago, to being percieved as the "foremost option" today, this treatment modality has transformed the outlook towards dental therapy in rehabilitation of not just partially edentulous scenarios but even in maxillofacial defects. This turn of events can be attributed to increased consumer demand; escalation in number and finesse of operators who have been fine tuned to the intrcacies of the procedures and materials related to implantology; liberal policies in support of implant bioscience and a magnanimous increase in pool of science; and lastly evidence in support of favorable outcomes with implants in terms of safety, predictability, ergonomics, and longevity. We may say that as of now in India, the journey has been “so far, so good!” However, in the momentum that we have gained in the specialty, we need not to miss the chink in the armor:  Lack of formal and organized training and a well-equipped laboratory support are glaring gaps that if not addressed urgently may soon eclipse the rising trend towards implant growth in India. In line with Indian philosophy, we have attained the prevailing stature even in the science of implantology. It will only be a little while before we can overcome the remaining few hurdles to emerge as the avant-garde nation in the field of implantology as well!

Learning Objectives:  At the completion of this presentation, participants should be able to:

  1. Discuss the changing Indian scenario (consumer needs)
  2. Articulate the need for structured implant education
  3. Describe prevailing practice trends
  4. Present cogent arguments on behalf of additional emphasis on training and lab support

Topics: Verma, India, implantology, Implant education, Practice trends