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Safe and Easy Sinus Lifting Technique

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Jun Shimada, DDS, PhD

  • Diplomate and Board, Japanese Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Diplomate, Japanese Society of Oral Anesthesiologist
  • President, OCOI Japan 
  • Vice President, Japanese Society of Stomatology

In large maxillary sinus cases, the bony walls are usually thin, so it is easy to create a window by removing the bone tissue with only a bone scraper. However, the Schneiderian membranes in those cases are usually very thin, so care must be taken to avoid injury or rupture. In small maxillary sinus cases, the bony walls are thick, so it is difficult to make a bony window to access the sinus space because so much bone tissues must be removed. To safe accomplish the sinus lift, several kinds of instruments and procedures to make the bony wall thinner prior to the window opening will be discussed.  

AGD Subject Code: 690

Topics: Sinus Augmentation, bony window, sinus lift