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Socket Shield : The New Era for Preserving Labial Plate of Bone

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Mohamed Wagdy, PhD, AFAAID

  • Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • Lecturer, Periodontology Department , Faculty of Dentistry, Ain Shams University,Egypt
  • DGI - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie member and representative in Egypt and North Africa

Representing Egypt 

Clinicians must realize that alveolar resorption is a consequence of tooth extraction or avulsion. Dental implant therapy must include rational consideration of these phenomena. The marked alterations after tooth extraction appear to be attributable to the loss of periodontal ligament and the consecutive trauma in particular at the buccal bone plate. The retention and stabilization of the coronal and buccal bundle bone and the retention of the periodontal membrane can be expected by retaining a coronal tooth fragment (so-called “socket shield”).

Learning Objectives:  At the completion of this presentation, participants should be able to:

  1. Understanding physiology of extraction socket
  2. Articulate challenges facing immediate implant placement
  3. Appreicate that socket shield as a new era to preserve labial plate of bone

Topics: Wagdy, Labial Plate, Egypt