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Learning Objectives

Hey, Do You Do Block Grafts?

March 18, 2014

David Resnick, DDS, FAAID, DABOI/ID

  • When and why to block graft a deficient site
  • Step-by-step process for placing irradiated block allografts of vertebral origin to augment deficient sites
  • Site preparation, block preparation and proper design of incisions and flaps
  • Rationale of materials used

Advanced Treatment Strategies with Small Diameter Implants

February 27, 2014

Brian Jackson, DDS, FAAID, DABOI/ID

  • Minimally invasive placement protocols and simple restorative techniques to stabilize mandibular and maxillary dentures
  • What is unique about small diameter implant placement and restoration in the maxilla
  • The indications and contraindications for the use of small diameter implants

Radiographic and Surgical Stents/Guides

January 23, 2014


  • Learn the difference between radiographic and surgical stents (guides)
  • Learn how to fabricating basic stents
  • Learn advanced stent fabrication
  • Learn the use of stents in guided and non-guided surgeriesAdvanced Treatment Strategies with Mini Dental Implants: Should They be a Treatment Alternative

Implant Profitability Mastery

September 25, 2013

Bill Blatchford, DDS

  • Increase your net return
  • Enjoy more time away from the practice
  • Obtain larger case acceptance

Classification of Extraction Site Defects - Practical Guidelines for Implants for Implant Site Development

July 24, 2013

Joseph   Leonetti, DMD, DABOI/ID

  • Identify and classify extraction site defects
  • Assign Pink Esthetic Score
  • Develop a flow sheet of guidelines for graft options for implant site development

 Simplified Management of Inadequate Vertical Height in the Posterior Maxilla

 July 10, 2013

 Jason Kim, DDS

John Minichetti, DMD

  • How to diagnosis and determine when crestal osteotoming is indicated
  • How to diagnosis and determine when rotary crestal grafting is indicated
  • Know the pros and cons for osteotoming and rotary crestal grafting
  • Understand the surgical technique for ostetoming and rotary crestal grafting
  • How to diagnose and treat crestal sinus lift complications


Bisphosphonates and Monoclonal Antibodies:  Understanding their Impact on Implant Dentistry

 June 26, 2013

 James Rutkowski, DMD, PhD

  • The mechanism of action for these two bone metabolism modifying agents
  • How this mechanism can interfere with the vitality of the bone
  • How these medications can lead to ONJ
  • How to recognize ONJ and understand the pathology of ONJ
  • The significance of bone turnover makers
  • When to use the CTX-serum, NTX-serum, and BSAP-serum bone turnover markers and how to interpret them
  • The significance of the DEXA Scan (DEXA)
  • When to use the DEXA and how to interpret it
  • How to apply the information gained from BTM ad DEXA tests
  • The various methodologies for treating ONJ
  • When is it most likely "safe" to treat patients who have a history of taking BPs or MAs
Immediate Placement Protocols November 13, 2012 Shankar Iyer, DDS, MDS
  •  To diagnose cases that will be suitable for immediate placement
  • To formulate an algorithm for immediate placement protocol with biometric guidelines
  • To learn the techniques for single tooth immediate placement
  • To diagnose and plan immediate placement for multi rooted teeth
  • To identify cases that are not indicated for immediate placement
  • Restorative techniques including interim restorations for immediately placed implants
Utilizing Pre-Shaped Collagen Membranes to Treat Ridge Deficiencies September 11, 2012 John Minichetti, DMD
  •  Understand how to diagnose ridge deficiencies
  • Review choices for ridge augmentation
  • Learn about newer augmentation materials
Simplified Surgical Approach for Maxillary Sinus Grafting Treatment Techniques and Management of Complications August 21, 2012 Jaime Lozada, DDS
  •  Outline the indications for lateral and crestal bone planning antrostomy
  • Identify the incidence of sinus membrane perforation during lateral and crestal approach
  • Describe recommended mangement of complications during sinus graft procedures
  • Describe the techniques for simultaneous implant placement during crestal and lateral sinus graft
Soft Tissue Complications July 24, 2012 Nicholas Caplanis, DMD, MS
  • Etiology of most commen biologic complications associated with dental implants
  • Effective clinical tenchiques to manage dental implant complications
  • How to avoid complications during course of implant treatment
Recognizing and Treating the Ailing and Failing Implant(s) - Part 2 October 4, 2011 Duke Heller, DDS, MS and Robert Heller, DDS
  • Recognizing early detection of an ailing implant
  • Causes of the ailing and failing implant
  • Conservative treatment of "peri-implantitis"
  • Surgical treatment of "peri-implantitis"
  • Harmful habits - should dental implants be placed?
Recognizing and Treating the Ailing and Failing Implant(s) - Part 1 September 13, 2011 Duke Heller, DDS, MS and Robert Heller, DDS
  • How to prevent abutment screws from loosening
  • With over 100+ implant manufactures, how to determine which implant system just walked into your office
  • How to construct a policy for charging a fee to treat the ailing implant - your patient or a patient referred to your office
  • What instrumentation is available to remove a loose or broken screw

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