• Clinical Video Bite: January 2016

    Guided Implant Surgery

    Surgeon: Dominique D. Rousson, DMD, FAAID,DABOI/ID 

    Moderator: German Gallucci, DMD, PhD

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    This live surgery will demonstrate the step-by-step placement of multiple implants with the aid of a surgical guide produced from digital data alone. Participants will be able to have an interactive discussion in real-time during the surgery. The goal is to show the audience the predictability of this technique and also its ideal indications.

    Learning Objectives: Attendees can expect to learn the following from this presentation:

    1. How to integrate the digital imaging and intra-oral scanning into the treatment planning
    2. Fabricating a surgical guide based on digital data
    3. Importance of the final prosthesis design prior to surgery

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