Emdogain: New wound-healing indication

May 3, 2016, from OsseoNews

Straumann announced the launch of its oral-tissue regeneration product Emdogain in the new indication of soft-tissue wound healing

Which soft tissue management technique produces less gingival recession?

May 2, 2016, from OsseoNews

Of the two soft tissue management techniques, laser or double-cord technique, which produces less gingival recession?

Bone Lamina Technique: Suggestions for exposed lamina?

May 2, 2016, from OsseoNews

About a month ago I used the Bone Lamina Technique to augment the lateral width in the posterior mandible of a healthy 50 year old male patient.

Pancreatic cancer risk tied to specific mouth bacteria

Apr 27, 2016, from AAID Implant Insight

The presence of certain bacteria in the mouth may reveal increased risk for pancreatic cancer and enable earlier, more precise treatment. This is the main finding of a study led by researchers at NYU… Read more

Have infection, will travel: Paving the path to dental implant failure

Apr 27, 2016, from AAID Implant Insight

Why did this dental implant fail? You did everything right during your implant treatment. You properly diagnosed and planned the patient's implant therapy.

ADA praises Older Americans Reauthorization Act

Apr 27, 2016, from AAID Implant Insight

President Barack Obama signed into law April 19 the Older Americans Act Reauthorization Act of 2016, which for the first time specifically references oral health. The Older Americans Act, formally… Read more

Study: Fundamental misconceptions about dental implants among patients

Apr 27, 2016, from AAID Implant Insight

Investigating patients' knowledge and perceptions regarding implant therapy, a Chinese study has found that an alarming number of participants had inaccurate and unrealistic expectations about… Read more

How to take control of OSHA compliance

Apr 27, 2016, from AAID Implant Insight

Maintaining compliance with the rules and regulations that apply to medical practices can be a tall order, especially for small practices with limited resources. One way to meet this challenge is to… Read more

3 surefire strategies for patient acceptance of large dental treatment plans

Apr 27, 2016, from AAID Implant Insight

Dentists who want to take their practices to the next level often believe the answer lies in boosting the amount patients spend on average treatment plans. According to the American Dental… Read more

Staying in the infection control zone: Studies verify the importance of environmental surfaces

Apr 27, 2016, from AAID Implant Insight

Noel Brandon Kelsch, a syndicated columnist, writer, speaker and cartoonist, writes: "There are times in dentistry that we just go through the motions. Going through the motions without thought can… Read more