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Are you a licensed dentist?

Sorry. Your responses indicate you do not currently qualify as a candidate for the AAID Credentialing program.

How many hours of education in implant dentistry have you completed in the past 12 years?

The first requirement is documenting 300 hours in implant education over the past 12 years. Need more education? See what courses are coming up here.

Have you passed the AAID written exam in the past 4 years?

Congratulations! You are ready to begin your journey to becoming an Associate Fellow.

Candidates for Associate Fellow membership must be licensed dentists who have completed at least 300 hours of postdoctoral or continuing education in implant dentistry within the past twelve (12) years.

Congratulations! You are ready for the Part 2 (oral/case) Associate Fellow examination.

The oral/case examination must be completed successfully within four years after passing the Part 1 (written) examination; and candidates for the oral/case examination must be general members of the Academy in good standing.

Do you provide either surgical and/or restorative phases of treatment?

Have you completed at least 50 cases of dental implant treatment?

Congratulations! It’s time to prepare for the Fellow membership examination.

The Fellow Membership examination has two parts: an oral/case examination and presentation of professional credentials.

Candidates for Fellow membership must be AAID members in good standing, have practiced implant dentistry for at least five years, completed 400 hours of continuing education, provide both the surgical and prosthetic phases of dental implant treatment and meet the experiential requirements.

Congratulations! You are ready to begin your journey to becoming a Fellow. You are missing one requirement to apply for the Fellow examination... Associate Fellow membership. Begin your journey to Fellow membership by taking the Part 1 (written) examination of the Associate Fellow membership. After passing the written part of the Associate Fellow examination, you have the option of taking the oral/case examination for either Fellow or Associate Fellow membership.

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