Contributions made to the AAID Foundation are integral to the Foundation’s ability to providing grants to students and seasoned researchers who are making an impact in the field of implant dentistry.  Your support of the Foundation also ensures that the Foundation provides dental services to individuals and veteran through our Wish A Smile and Smile, Veteran!TM programs.

The AAID Foundation gratefully acknowledges all individuals, corporations, members of the Foundation Board of Directors and the AAID Board of Trustees who make the work of the AAID Foundation possible. 


$10,000 & More

Bush, James L., DDS
Caplanis, Nicholas, DMD, MS
Cooper, Craig D., DDS
Dunson, Bernee, DDS
Foleck, Adam, DMD
Inada, Nobuyoki, DDS, PhD
Iyer, Shankar S., DDS, MDS
LaMar, Frank, DDS
Lozada, Jaime, DDS
Machi, Leonard R., DDS
Martin, Emile, DDS
Mayberry, Rodney S., DDS
Minichetti, John C., DMD
Nordquist, William, DMD, MS
Pikos, Michael A., DDS
Potts, Michael L., DDS
Recker, Frank, DDS, JD
Rose, Randall D., DDS
Rutkowski, James, DMD, PhD
Sporborg, Hamilton M., DDS
Stewart, Roderick, DDS
Weinfield, Linda, DDS, MS


$5,000 – $9,999
Bennett, Sharon
Chess, J. Thomas, DDS
Cranin, A. Norman, DDS
Cullen, Ronald, BDS, DDS
Dunn, Beverly, DDS
Gimer, David, DDS
Gowey, Kim, DDS
Hochberg, David, DDS
Holden, Bill, DDS
Jackson, Brian, DDS
Jorgenson, Peter, DDS
Locante, William, DDS
Lozada, Jaime, DDS
Meister, Jeffrey T., DDS
Mercurio, Richard, DDS
Patel, Rajiv, BDS
Rosenlicht, Joel L., DMD
Shim, Jaehyun, DDS
Sung, Frank, DDS
Svoboda, Emil, DDS
Swallow, Stephen T., DDS
Valen, Maurice
Vassos, David M., DDS
Wong, Natalie Y., DDS
Zahedi, Peter, DMD

The future of implant dentistry will be built upon the commitments we make today.

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