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The AAID Clinical Classroom provides AAID members with implant-specific education through a platform of online lectures, case planning studies, and surgical videos; and all of the content is peer-reviewed by a global panel of renowned experts. Modules are cumulative, are added quarterly, and can be viewed multiple times. The material is reviewed and selected by AAID members and is available to all members at no charge. From initial case planning to final treatment, you’ll leave equipped with the valuable knowledge of generating long-term results for your patients. Additionally, the Forum section gives you the opportunity to communicate, ask questions, and explore new treatment options with your fellow colleagues all over the world.

Currently the following nine modules are available:

Module 1: Treatment Planning—Professor Zadeh discusses the planning and distribution of implants in both partially and fully edentulous patients.
Module 2: Soft Tissue Management—Dr. Zuhr shows the handling of soft tissues after implant placement including techniques for submucosally heald implants, both for esthetic and non-esthetic sites.
Module 3: Hard Tissue Management—Professor Dahlin dives into principles of minor bone regeneration procedures.
Module 4: Implant Placement—Professors Schneider and Benic explain the planning and preparation of surgical procedures as an essential part of treatment with dental implants.
Module 5: Reconstructive Therapy—Dr. Sailer shows you how to make evidence-based decisions in your practice.
Module 6: Complications—Dr. Mombelli discusses surgerical treatment of peri-implantitis. 
Module 7: Immediate implant placement - factors influencing the esthetic success—Professor Joseph Kan reviews the factors that can lead to success and failure during immediate implant placement in the esthetic zone.
Module 8: Preparing for surgery: Tissue management—Dr. Jung describes all the important decision-making factors and the clinical handling after tooth extraction to choose either between spontaneous healing after tooth extraction or immediate implant placement or alveolar ridge preservation procedures.
Module 9: Reconstructive therapy—Dr. Thoma focuses on transitional restorations at implant sites.

The Clinical Classroom’s immersive learning environment is yet another exceptional and practical benefit for AAID members. This program is co-produced with Dental Campus. AAID members receive a 20 percent discount off Dental Campus products. Take advantage of this free educational platform today!


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