Benefits for your Practice

Improve the business of your dental practice with AAID resources


Patient Education Brochures

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Members can download print-ready digital files of AAID's 3 patient education brochures free of charge:
-"Missing Teeth?"
-"Missing Bone?"
-"Dental Implant Options"

Members can also order printed copies of the brochures with the option to print personalized practice information on the back.

Order form for Personalized Brochures

Order form for Non-Personalized Brochures

Animated Patient Videos

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Members can utilize AAID's short, animated videos to educate patients about different aspects of implant dentistry. Access to the videos is available on the member website. Topics include:

-Dental Implant Post-Op Care
-Implants for Missing Teeth
-Implants for Terminal Dentition


Member Advantage Program

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AAID Members receive special discounts from companies who  ranging from implant manufacturers to rental car services. Click here to see a full list of current Member Advantage participants.

Forms for your Practice

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AAID Members receive downloadable legal forms to personalize and use in their everyday practice:

  • Consent for Implant Placement and Anesthesia 
  • Employee Application 
  • Confidentiality Agreement 
  • Fosamax-Related Consent Form And More


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Great as a nice reward for your staff- AAID logo scrubs, lab coats, polo shirts, or a cardigan. In addition to the AAID logo, scrubs can be personalized with the name of your practice and the staff member's name. Don't forget to order something for yourself. How about an AAID logo pin, tie tack, or cuff links? Available exclusively to AAID members.