Help AAID Members and Communities Affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Shankar Iyer, DDS, FAAID, DABOI/ID, and President of the AAID has reached out to the AAID members in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands who were directly impacted by the two recent, devasting hurricanes to find out what items individuals may need. This page will be updated as any of those needs are requested.

AAID has identified some organizations that are helping those impacted by the hurricanes. You can help by donating to the following organizations:

AAID Members in Florida

Frank Recker, DDS, JD

(Photo taken by Dr. Recker)


"All the main streets on Marco underwater. I returned from our home yesterday. I guess the hurricane shutters I put up won't help. This photo is about a block from our home. I almost stayed there but Sandy urged me not to. No water, no power, no travel (except by boat) no food, all stores shut down or ruined, etc."

Craig Misch, DDS

"Thank you all for your concern. The hurricane went west of Sarasota and fortunately did not cause us any significant damage. We had to take a few days off to clean up debris and get things back together. The power is back on and the phones work. We are truly blessed! Thank you again for reaching out.  The AAID is a great organization and I highly recommend it to my colleagues. This just shows another reason to belong to this group."

Matthew Holtan, DDS

"Practice is fine house is fine. Storm wasn't what we expected it to be!"

Steven Todd, DDS

"Thank you for the opportunity to help. We weathered the storm fine."

Raul I. Garcia, DMD

"Just got power back yesterday and planning on getting back to work Monday ."

Steven Hewett, DDS

"Thank you and the Academy for reaching out to our fellow AAID colleagues during these challenging times. Fortunately, only slight damage of property and existing landscape occurred during Hurricane Irma. Hopefully electrical power will return this week in my Winter Haven office."

Sara Jockin, DDS

"We are doing well and were able to open for business today. Some of my team members are still getting back to town but everybody is safe and most have power at home. Naples took the brunt of the storm and we were spared the worst. We boarded up the practice and had no damage. Some trees fell but we got lucky- away from all buildings. It could have been WAY worse. "

John Moushati, DDS

"Thank you for your concern about my well being after Hurricane Irma struck Broward County and South Florida. There was no damage to my house or my office. Power was restored today to my house, but my office close to the ocean, power will be restored by the end of this week as per FPL. Thanks God that things could have been worse."

Prakash Tailor, BDS

"Thank God everything is ok at office and home. Thank you AAID for concern about their members."

Jose Beltran, DMD, MD

"Thank you for reaching out to us. We were very fortunate not to have any issues. We are safe. "

AAID Members in Houston

Jay Elliott, DDS

(Photos to the right taken by Dr. Elliott)

We initially heard from Jay Elliott, DDS, FAAID, DABOI/ID, and Director of the AAID TexMAX® MaxiCourse® that his office and staff are unharmed by Hurricane Harvey, the Catergory 4 hurricane that hit the Houston-area a few days ago. However, many individuals in Dr. Elliott's community have experienced major losses.

Dr. Elliott provided AAID with pictures of his neighborhood. "These pictures are in the neighboorhoods around my home and office (within two miles of home). There are tens of thousands of people displaced. According to officials more than 1500 homes within two miles of my office are flooded out."


Dr. Elliott continued "Houston has been hit with an unimaginable catastrophe. There are thousands displaced in the neighborhoods around my office alone. I am asking for any help you can provide."

Tyler Rushing, DMD

"My wife Anna and I are doing well and have been lucky enough not to have flood damage to our home unlike so many others. We have been trying to help in the community any way we can but there is so much need and devastation. I have only seen pictures, but it seems there is damage to the practice I work at. We will see in the coming days to what extent and how it will affect us. Thank you for checking in."