Treatment of Large Bone Defect from Root Fracture

Sep 25, 2017, from OsseoNews

In this case, a large bone defect, as a consequence of fractured roots of the first molar, was augmented by Bond Apatite bone graft cement.

Robot-assisted Implant Surgery: the future?

Sep 25, 2017, from OsseoNews

With approval of Yomi, and details of a robot performing autonomous implant surgery in China, is robotic-assisted implant surgery soon to be a reality?

Compromised prosthetic space?

Sep 22, 2017, from OsseoNews

I received this case to make the final crown. It's a Straumann BLT 3.3 x 12 Narrow Crossfit. The fixture has some distal inclination.

Radiopaque bone lesion at future implant site: thoughts?

Sep 21, 2017, from OsseoNews

The CT shows multiple radiopaque lesions. Some of those lesions are at the implant site. My differential diagnosis includes idopathic osteosclerosis or cemento-osseous dysplasia.

Periodontal disease case study: How trust overcame a dental phobia and transformed a life

Sep 20, 2017, from AAID Implant Insight

Jamie Collins, RDH, CDA, writes: "Let me introduce you to Karen. Karen presented in our practice as a new patient with extensive dental history — and 'life history.' At the age of 43, she has… Read more

Households, not genetics, shape salivary microbiomes

Sep 20, 2017, from AAID Implant Insight

Our households largely determine the mix of microorganisms that inhabit our saliva, according to researchers from the United Kingdom. Overall, these researchers found, environmental influences play a… Read more

Dental work tied to heart infections in people with artificial valves

Sep 20, 2017, from AAID Implant Insight

Invasive dental procedures may raise the risk of rare but serious infections in people who have prosthetic heart valves, a recent French study suggests. Some previous research has linked dental work… Read more

5 common HIPAA compliance pitfalls for healthcare organizations to avoid

Sep 20, 2017, from AAID Implant Insight

For a healthcare organization to be Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliant, it needs to ensure the right patient controls and rights are in place when it comes to protected… Read more

Top 5 anatomical differences between dental implants and teeth that influence treatment outcomes

Sep 20, 2017, from AAID Implant Insight

Because of the anatomical differences between teeth and dental implants, therapies that are successful in treating natural teeth may not enjoy the same success rate when used on diseased implants.… Read more

The importance of developing a self-reliant practice

Sep 20, 2017, from AAID Implant Insight

As dentists, you rely a lot on third-party insurance companies to help you run your practice. But as Robert Kiyosaki wrote in Rich Dad Poor Dad, "Today, doctors face financial challenges I… Read more