The Aspen Group & AAID

The AAID is home to a wealth of resources, including cutting-edge research, training, and networking opportunities in the field of implant dentistry.

Being a member of the AAID demonstrates a commitment to excellence in implant dentistry, which can boost your credibility and reputation in the field.

Membership in AAID helps you:

  • Obtain the best education through AAID's comprehensive dental implant education at a member price
  • Distinguish yourself through bona fide credentialing recognized by courts
  • Develop relationships with other dentists active in oral implantology at AAID conferences
  • Keep up with the latest research and techniques through AAID publications

Engaging with the AAID will enhance your knowledge and skills, enabling you to offer the highest level of care for your patients.

Taking advantage of this opportunity is simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account with your Aspen and/or ClearChoice work email and enter “Aspen Dental” or “ClearChoice” as the Company Name.
  2. Choose “General Member- TAG” as your “Professional Role”.
  3. Enter both your Billing (used for billing, payment, and credit card on file) and Shipping address (physical address of your main TAG office).
  4. Once you have provided your key information, you will need to verify your account.
  5. You are not a member yet! You will be invoiced shortly, once payment has been received your AAID membership will be active.