Credentialing Application Fees

Application Fees

Associate Fellow Examinations

Associate Fellow Part 1 fee $1,185*
Associate Fellow Part 2 fee $599
Re-examination fee Part 1 & 2      $400
No Show fee $300
Rescheduling fee $75

Academic Associate Fellow

Academic Associate Fellow fee $600*

Associate Fellow by Credentials

Associate Fellow by Credentials fee $1,185*
Associate Fellow by Credentials Recent Graduate fee  $650*


Submit application fee (after passing AF Part 1)      $599
Fellow Examination fee $1,085
Re-examination fee $400
No Show fee $300

Fellow by Credentials

Fellow by Credentials fee $1,185*

 * $100 of your exam fee is allocated to specialty recognition advocacy. For more than 30 years, the AAID has supported its members' First Amendment right to truthfully advertise bonafide credentials like the AAID Associate Fellow and Fellow.

Annual Membership Dues

In order to maintain your AAID credential, you must be an active member of the Academy. Dues are $695 for Associate Fellows and Fellows and $495 for Academic Associate Fellows; and are billed annually.