Resources For Graduate Education

AAID is a membership-based organization that works to advance the science and practice of implant dentistry through education, research support, and credentialing. For those at university or hospital based post-graduate education in implant dentistry, the AAID supports your work in advancing the field of implant dentistry. 

  • Advanced Education program recognition: Full time programs in implant dentistry may received recognition by AAID for meeting the Standards for Advanced Education Programs in Implant Dentistry. Graduates from recognized programs are exempt from examination for the Associate Fellow membership. 
  • Academic Associate Fellow: Dentists employed as full-time faculty and administrators at accredited dental schools in the discipline of implant dentistry may apply for membership based on their credentials. 
  • Bite of Education: A member of the AAID will come to your school and tell students about the AAID and share their experience of implant dentistry in their dental practice over lunch 
  • Dental Student Award: AAID recognizes top students emerging in the implant dentistry profession 
  • Journal of Oral Implantology (JOI): Submit your clinical findings, research, and work to the implantology community. 
  • AAID Annual Conference: Highlights emerging clinicians and research with Table Clinic Presentations 
  • Research: AAID Foundation provides both student grants and project grants to the implant dentistry profession
  • Advanced Education Survey: A listing of full-time implant dentistry programs available in the US is available upon request
Advanced Education program recognition

Postgraduate programs should be at least two years in duration to qualify. Advanced education in oral implantology/implant dentistry may be offered as either a degree and/or certificate program.

  • Graduates from approved programs are eligible for the Associate Fellow membership without examination
  • AAID recognizes your program as exceeding the mandatory 300 hours CE required for Associate Fellow membership.

To begin the application, programs will need to submit information on their curriculum. The submission process requires answering ten questions and submitting your most recent CODA documents.

If you would like to submit your program for recognition, please reach out to us at