Isiah Lew Award

The Isiah Lew Memorial Research Award is presented by the AAID Foundation to an individual who has contributed significantly to research in implant dentistry. This award is given every year to perpetuate Dr. Isiah Lew’s spirit and enthusiasm for implant dentistry. Dr. Lew was an implant pioneer. He was a founding member of the AAID and served as its president and the editor of the Journal of Oral Implantology

In addition to publishing widely, he taught at New York, Columbia, Temple, and Farleigh Dickinson Universities, and the New Jersey College of Dentistry. He lectured to dental societies in the United States and around the world and produced a national television program on implants. Isiah Lew was born in Poland in 1915. After immigrating to the United States, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Dental School and then spent a lifetime conducting surgical and prosthetic clinical implant research. Dr. Lew was committed to the “where, why, and how” of implantology.

Each year this distinguished award honors an individual who has contributed significantly to research in implant dentistry and who has demonstrated singular leadership and/or responsibility in research that advances the science of implant dentistry.

*Nominations for the 2024 AAIDF Isiah Lew Award closed on May 3, 2024.

Past Isiah Lew Memorial Research Award Winners
James R. Glidewell (2023)
Dennis Flanagan (2022)
Jack A. Hahn (2021)
Dr. Joseph Yun Kwong Kan (2020)              Rosemary Dziak (2019)
Dennis P. Tarnow (2018)
Salah Huwais (2017)
Sebastiano Andreana (2016)
Ralph Roberts (2015)
Shahram Michael Ghanaati (2014)
Ulf Wikesjö  (2013)
James Rutkowski (2012)
Victor Sendax,  (2011)
Jaime L. Lozada (2010)
A. Norman Cranin (2009)
Arthur Ashman (2008)
Jerry Soderstrom (2007)
Philip Boyne (2006)
Mohamed Sharawy (2005)
Burton Balkin (2004)
Axel Kirsch (2003)
W. Eugene Roberts (2002)
John Brunski (2001)
David Steflik (2000)
Louis J. Naman (1999)
Carl Misch (1998)
Charles Weiss (1997)
O. Hilt Tatum, Jr. (1996)
Franklin Young, Jr. (1995)
Maurice Valen (1994)
Leonard Shulman (1993)
Paul Schnitman (1992)
Gerald Niznick (1991)
Leonard Linkow (1990)
Paul Goldhaber (1989)
Jack Lemons (1988)
Ralph McKinney (1987)