Fellow (F)

Fellow Membership is a special step in validating your expertise and proficiency in implant dentistry. To qualify for the Fellow examination, applicants must be Associate Fellows in good standing, be fully knowledgeable of both the surgical and restorative phases of implant dentistry and meet the published educational and experiential requirements.   They must also meet the professional and leadership credentials requirements specified in the Requirements for Fellow Membership.

The Fellow certificate and medallion are awarded to successful candidates.

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√  Licensed as a dentist

√  An AAID Associate Fellow member in good standing (or general member who completed Associate Fellow Part 1*)

√  Completed at least 400 hours of postdoctoral or continuing education related to implant dentistry

√  Experienced with 5 or more years in the practice of implant dentistry

√  Fully knowledgeable of both surgical and prosthetic phase of implant treatment to patients

√  Attended an AAID Annual meeting or district meeting in the past two years

√  Completed at least 50 cases of advanced dental implant treatment

The Examination Process:

Candidates for Fellow membership must be AAID members in good standing, have practiced implant dentistry for at least five years, completed 400 hours of continuing education, be fully  knowledgeable of both the surgical and prosthetic phases of dental implant treatment, and meet the experiential requirements.

*Those who have passed Part 1 (written) of the Associate Fellow examination will have the option of taking the oral/case examination for either Associate Fellow or Fellow membership. Candidates who select the Fellow option must meet the educational, experiential, and professional and leadership requirements for Fellowship. Additionally, they must complete the oral/case examination successfully within four years after passing the Part 1 (written) examination and must be general members of the Academy in good standing.

Oral/Case examination

For the oral examination, candidates review a written description, a panograph and a photograph for five (5) standardized cases and then respond to questions related to treatment. From the fifty (50) cases of advanced dental implant treatment the candidate has completed, the candidate must choose ten (10) cases for in-depth discussion with the examiners. The case examination is based on the ten (10) cases submitted by the candidate and follows a case presentation and discussion format. The candidate must have provided surgical and/or restorative treatment for each of the submitted cases. 

The Fellow examination is given in Chicago once a year usually in late April or early May, and the application deadline each year is February 1.  Candidates must list the cases that they will present for examination in their application for the oral/case examination. These case reports must be submitted in electronic format. 

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Once elected:

√  Keep your membership in good standing