Grants funded in 2015

Dr. James A. Katancik, Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry
Microbial analysis of the dental implant abutment interface
$20,000 2015
Dr. Daniel S. Oh, Columbia University
Enhancement of bone augmentation and prevention of infection for dental implant
$20,000 2015
Dr. Binnaz Leblebicioglu, Ohio State University
Blood perfusion and gene expression dynamics during wound healing of bone grafted ridge
$20,000 2015
Dr. Cimara Fortes Ferreira
Extended release efficiency of dental nanotubes loaded with antibiotics
$20,000 2015
Dr. Zeeshan Sheikh - University of Toronto
Achieving Predictable Vertical Bone Augmentation Using Dicalcium Phosphate Grafts with C3 Conjugate Drug
  $2,500 2015

Dr. Jae Young Kim - Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Effect of Anti-Sema4D Monoclonal Antibody on Bone Formation around the Ti-Implant in a Mouse Model

  $2,500 2015

Dr. Seyed Hossein Bassir - Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Clinical Outcomes of Early Implant Placement versus Immediate or Delayed Implant Placement: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

  $2,500 2015

Dr. Tatyana Baranovsky - University of Rochester
The Influence of Implant Angulation on the Locator Attachment Retention

  $2,500 2015

Dr. Ryan Wong – UCLA
Evaluation of Peri-implantitis and Periodontitis After Insult Removal

  $2,500 2015

Dr. James Mailoa - University of Michigan
Novel Non-ionizing, Non-invasive Ultrasonic Imaging to Evaluate Soft Tissue Characters and Oral Anatomies for Bone Augmentation Procedures

  $2,500 2015

Dr. Virginia Hogsett - University of Illinois at Chicago
Prosthetic Complications of Implant-Supported Full Arch Prostheses: A Comparison of Metal-Acrylic, Copy-milled Zirconia, and  Cementable Crown Prostheses

  $2,500 2015

Dr. Hussam Alqahtani - Case Western Reserve University
Gingival Dimension around Natural Teeth and Dental Implants in Health and Disease: A Retrospective and Prospective Study

  $2,500 2015

Dr. Juston Reary - University of Texas
The Effect of Surface Pre-Treatment, Thermocycling, and Long-Term Aging on the Tensile Bone Strength of Monolithic Lithium Disilicate Crowns Cemented to Zirconia Custom Abutments

  $2,500  2015 

Dr. Mijin Choi - New York University
Investigation on the Effect of Occlusion, Prosthesis Design and Post Insertion Maintenance on Implant Screw Loosening

  $2,500   2015


Grants funded in 2014

Dr. Darnell Kaigler - Regents of the University of Michigan
Customized scaffolds for craniofacial cell therapy
$20,000 2014
Dr. Dean Ho - UCLA School of Dentistry

Nanodiamond-polymer composite coatings for promoting bone formation in dental implants      

$20,000 2014

Dr. Julio Carrion - Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine
Enhanced guided bone regeneration in localized osseous alveolar defects by using a novel perforated resorbable barrier membrane

 $20,000  2014

Dr. Allison Buchanan - Georgia Regents University, College of Dental Medicine
Implant dentistry and diagnostic imaging

 $ 2,500  2014
Dr. Sarah Hivari - UCLA School of Dentistry
Genetic influence of healing in extraction sockets
 $ 2,500  2014
Dr. Sue Kim - UCLA School of Dentistry
Nanodiamond-based delivery of factors/therapeutics to enhance implant lifetime
 $ 2,500 2014

Grants Funded in 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010

Dr. Carlo Galli - University of Parma, Italy
APTAGEN - Biomimetic surfaces for tissue regeneration
$20,000  2013
Dr. Danieli BC Rodrigues - University of Texas at Dallas
The effect of bacterial biofilm and micromotion on corrosion of dental implants
$20,000  2013
Dr. Leyvee Cabanilla - University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry
Cytokine and osteoblastic protein profile before and after the comprehensive treatment of periimplantitis
$ 2,500  2013
Dr. Neema Dad - Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry
Composition of the inflammatory infiltrate in periimplantitis lesion in humans
$ 2,500  2013

Dr. Zeenat Mahal Khan - UCLA School of Dentistry
The Role of PDGF combined with osteoconductive grafting materials

$ 2,500  2013

Dr. Vahid Khoshkam - University of Michigan
Radiographic and clinical outcomes of regenerative procedures for treating peri-implantitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

$ 2,500  2013
Dr. James Mailoa - University of Michigan
Evaluation of the possible role of vertical implant position as a risk factor of marginal bone loss 
$ 2,500  2013
Dr. Antonios Mikos - Rice University, Houston Texas
Development of a photopolymerizing, elastomeric, antibiotic-releasing barrier membrane
$ 2,500  2013
Dr. Richard Miron - University of Laval, Canada
Are alloplasts osteoinductive? A comparative study between autogenous bone grafts, allografts and biphasic calcium phosphate bone grafts
$ 2,500  2013
Dr. Jose Manuel Reuss - UCLA School of Dentistry
Biomimetic scaffolds for bone regeneration. A comparative study between PLGA and Chitosan blocks
$ 2,500  2013
Salvador Nares, DDS, MS, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
In-vivo molecular assessment of endosseous implant adherent cellular phenotypes in smokers and non smokers
$25,000 2010
Tara Aghaloo, DDS, MD, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
Site Specific Marrow Stromal Cell Responses to Titanium Surfaces
$24,902 2011
Sompop Bencharit, DDS, MS, PhD, FACP, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Effectiveness of antibiotics in immediate placement and loading of dental implants, replacing a failed endodontically-treated tooth with a chronic periapical lesion:  A randomized controlled clinical trial.
$25,000 2010
Sandra Bordin, PhD, University of Washington
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Probes for Early Diagnosis of Peri-implantitis.  Evaluation in
an Animal Model
$24,819 2011
Paulo Camargo, DDS, MS, UCLA School of Dentistry
Cellular and Molecular Differences Between Periodontitis and Peri-Implantitis
$25,000 2011

Alan Herford, DDS, MD, Loma Linda University
In-vivo evaluations of bone graft and implant osseointegration using non-invasive Raman spectroscopy, a groundbreaking and revolutionary technique

$24,805 2012
Russell Wang, DDS, MSD, Case Western Reserve University
Optimization of insertion torque for primary dental implant stability
$25,000 2012
Dr. Serge Baltayan, UCLA School of Dentistry
The Reliability of Radio Frequency Analysis in Determining Surgical Placement and Loading Protocols of Endosseus Implants
$2,500 2010
Dr. Rashmi Biyani, The University of Texas
The effect of the metal extension of crowns in the screw access channel of implant abutments on the retention of cement retained prosthesis.
$2,500 2010
Dr. Matthias Karl, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Use of osteotomes for implant bed preparation – effect on material properties of bone and primary implant stability
$2,500 2010
Ruben Santana, DDS, Loma Linda University
Accuracy of CBCT and 3D Stereolihographic Models in Identifying the Anterior Loop of the Metal Foramen: A Study on Cadavers
$2,500 2010
Dr. Martin Mardirosian, UCLA School of Dentistry
Evaluation of Vascularity and Maturity in rhBMP-2 Regenerated Bone
$2,500 2010
Dr. Priya Tonseker, University of Medicine and Dentistry at Newark, New Jersey
The Effect of Platform Switching on Abutment Stability
$2,500 2010
Hessam Nowzari, DDS, PhD, USC Graduate Periodontics Department
Histological Analysis of Discarded Tissue from Dental Implant Osteotomy Sites Grafted by
Autogenous Block Grafts
$2,500 2011
Dr. Armand Keuroghlian, UCLA School of Dentistry
Role of Hyperlipidemia in Implant Osseointegration
$2,500 2011
Dr. Daniel Clark, University of Michigan School of Dentistry
The effect of VEGF on the growth, mineralization and expression of osteogenesis related molecules of adipose-derived stem cell (ADSC) grown on novel fluorapatite (FA) coated implant surface
$2,500 2011
Raha Yousefi, DDS, University of Pittsburgh
Maintenance of dental implants using a powered toothbrush versus controls
$2,500 2011
Dr. Lawrence Parrish, Creighton University School of Dentistry
Clinical Outcomes of Dental Implants Placed and Managed by Predoctoral Students Under
Faculty Supervision.  A Long Term Retrospective Analysis
$2,500 2011
Dr. Matthias Karl, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Effect of model parameters on finite element analysis of micromotions in implant dentistry
$2,500 2011
Kurt Wallin, DMD & Eyad al-Khalifa, DMD, University of Pittsburgh
Performance of a new bone-grafting material for extraction socket preservation
$2,500 2011
Rashee Goyal, DMD, University of Pittsburg
Failures of dental implants placed by dental residents and students in a dental school implant center
$2,500 2011
Dr. Arman Butt, University of Illinois at Chicago
Novel Ti-V (Ti90A16V4) Surface Modification by Thermal Oxidation and TiO2 Nanotubes
$2,500 2012
Dr. Kai-Chiao Joe Chang, University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry
Inflammatory Mediator and Osteoblastic Protein Levels in Peri-Implant Crevicular Fluid
$2,500 2012
Dr. Ignacio Ginebreda, UCLA School of Dentistry
Effects of the combination of Bone Morphogenetic Protein (rhBMP-2) and Platelet Derived Growth Factor (rhPDGF-BB) on Ectopic Bone Formation in Rats
$2,500 2012
Dr. Aram Kim, University of Illinois at Chicago
Objective and Subjective Comparisons of Abutment Material Effect on Peri-implant Gingival Color and Perceived Esthetics:  Spectrophotometric Analysis Versus Patient and Clinician Satisfaction
$2,500 2012

Dr. Dylan Patrick, Baylor College of Dentistry
Bioactive Glass Targeted Enhancement of Osterix Transcription during Osteogenesis

$2,500 2012

Dr. Goth Siu, University of Illinois at Chicago
Improving the Ability of the Pink and White Esthetic Scores (PES/WES) in Predicting Patient Satisfaction of Anterior Implant Restorations

$2,500 2012

Dr. Jeffrey Tanner, UCLA School of Dentistry
Comparison of Bone Height and Implant Success in rh-BMP2 Augmented Maxillary Sinuses with and without an Alloplas

$2,500 2012

Dr. John Tousand, University of Colorado Denver
Proinflammatory Cytokines (IL-1beta and TNF-alpha) and Chemokines (IL-8 and MIP-1 alpha) as Markers for Comparing Inflammation Surrounding Smooth Surface Abutments to the BioHorizons' Laser-Lok Abutments

$2,500 2012

Dental Life Line Network (formerly:  The National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped)

$7,500 2011 and 2012

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