The men and women who serve in our armed services serve with courage, dedication, and selflessness.  When they leave their military service, some veterans have injuries that can make it difficult to navigate the challenges of life after service. 

As the leader in implant dentistry, the AAID Foundation recognizes the extraordinary sacrifices veterans and their families have made for our nation.  They often face considerable challenges as they transition back to civilian life.  Should accessing a much-needed service like Implant Dentistry be another challenge they face?

The AAID Foundation and our corporate partners, Zimmer Biomet, RTI and Midwest Dental Arts, have launched the Smile, Veteran!TM program to help those who have served our country with the opportunity to access and receive a dental implant at no cost.

The AAID Foundation in partnership with the AAID members and our corporate sponsors launched the Wish A Smile program to assist individuals who have congenitally missing teeth and are financially disadvantaged. 

The Wish A Smile program assists patients 17 years or older who have one or more congenitally missing teeth, but no more than three teeth. A congenitally missing tooth is one that failed to develop from birth. Permanent teeth that have failed to erupt or have been lost due to trauma, decay, or other disease are not eligible.

Applicants or their family (if an applicant is a dependent minor) must provide financial evidence of low income or significant need.

The Foundation and Dental Lifeline Network will seek donations from labs and manufacturers of needed restorative supplies and services, as well as the implants.

To be a participating doctor, please complete this form.

Do you have a patient who might qualify for services under the program? Have them complete this form.



The future of implant dentistry will be built upon the commitments we make today.

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