Student/Resident membership is open to anyone enrolled as a full-time student in a continuous undergraduate or graduate dental program.

Student/Resident rates: The AAID membership year is January 1 to December 31, and the annual dues are $50 for student members. For those joining between July 1 and December 31, the dues are $25 for the remainder of the membership year. Download the application or complete the form online to join today.

Documentation of full-time student status must accompany the membership application to be eligible for Student/Resident membership. We suggest that a graduation date be included. Otherwise, documentation must be submitted annually.

Only ONE form of documentation is required. Examples of documentation include:

  • A letter from a program director on school letterhead with the type of program and expected graduation date
  • A dated letter of admission into an education program
  • A copy of your residency agreement
  • A current semester course registration schedule (12 credit hours per week or more)

Documentation can be submitted by email, fax (312.335.9090), mail with the application or through the online join page.

Enrollment in continuing education courses or an AAID MaxiCourse® does not qualify for student status.

Recent graduate rates: Renewing Student/Resident members are automatically enrolled into the recent graduate rates upon graduation. Recent graduate rates vary by the year out of a full-time dental program. Please see the rates and breakdown on the general membership page or contact the AAID Headquarters for more information. Download the recent graduate application or complete the form online to join today.

If you would like to take advantage of these rates as a new member, please send documentation of recent graduation from a full-time education program or residency. A photo or copy of your diploma can be submitted by email, fax (312.335.9090), mail with the application or through the online join page.