Dental Implant Month

A month-long awareness campaign to educate patients about dental implants and the value the American Academy of Implant Dentistry brings to the profession. 

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The Dental Implant Month toolkit includes:
  • A handy checklist of ways to celebrate Dental Implant Month
  • Copies of each of AAID’s patient brochures: “Missing Teeth?”, “Missing Bone?”, "Dental Implant Options"
  • AAID member or AAID credentialed member decal to display on your car or practice window
  • A supply of dental implant month logo stickers for use on outgoing paperwork
  • Answer keys for AAID’s Dental Implant Month puzzles
  • AAID implant pen (our gift to you)
Online Resources:

In addition to the toolkit, please take advantage of the following resources: