AAID has created four districts that give members an opportunity to obtain implant dentistry education in locations that are convenient to them.  Districts also encourage members to participate in leadership roles on a grass roots basis. As a part of AAID's committment to providing Comprehensive Dental Implant Education, the Districts also organize and host scientific programs periodically.  Click here for more information about District meetings.


Central District

Michael Fioritto, DDS, President
Joseph Bedich, DDS, President-Elect
Justin Moody, DDS, Vice President
Frank Caputo, DDS, Treasurer
Russ Fitton, DDS, Secretary
Suhail Mati, DMD, Past President

Bill Anderson, DDS
Donald Provenzale, DDS 

Northeast District

Kirk Kalogiannis, DMD, President
Bart Silverman, DMD, President-Elect
Craig Aronson, DDS, Vice President
Adam Kimowitz, DMD, Treasurer
Mike Calderon, DDS, Secretary
Lawrence Nalitt, DDS, Past President

Robert Castracane, DMD 
Mario Silvestri, DDS


Southern District

C. Edgar Davila, DDS, MS, CDT, President
Danny Domingue, DDS, President Elect
Walter Chitwood, DDS, Vice President
Sangiv Patel, DDS, Treasurer
Kyle Hale, DDS, MPH, Secretary
Dale Spencer, DDS, Past President

E. Richard Hughes, DDS
Andrew Kelly, DDS 

Western District

Joe Field, DDS, President
Bill Holden, DDS, President Elect
Ramsey Amin, DDS, Vice President
Colin Diener, DDS, Treasurer
Keith Long, DDS, Secretary
Jonathan Tsang, DMD, Past President

Christopher Petrush, DDS
Joe Field, DDS