Associate Fellow Requirements

The Examination Process:

The Associate Fellow examination has two parts. For those seriously considering applying for Associate Fellowship, download the Associate Fellow Guidebook.


Part 1 of the Associate Fellow exam is designed to assess your knowledge of basic science, “entry-level” knowledge and understanding of implant dentistry principles, and the ability to apply these principles in a clinical situation.

Candidates have four hours to complete 150 multiple-choice questions, administered via remote proctored exam. You will need to have access to a computer, high-speed Wi-Fi connection, and a cellular device for the examination.

You must pass Part 1 before continuing to Part 2. If you opt not to take Part 1 and Part 2 together, you have four years after passing Part 1 to complete Part 2.

Part 1 (Written Exam)


Part 2 is an oral examination in front of AAID-credentialed reviewers and is clinically oriented. For the oral examination, candidates review a written description, a panograph, and a photograph for six (6) standardized cases, and then respond to questions related to treatment.

*note – please review the Part 2 requirements for Fellowship prior to applying as you may be eligible to level up and earn Fellow status. Click here to see if this applies to you!

Part 2 (Oral/Case)

When you pass both exams:

✔️Attend the next AAID Business Meeting to be inducted as an Associate Fellow

✔️Keep your AAID membership in good standing

and you are AAID’s newest Associate Fellow!