Associate Fellow (AF)

If you wish to substantiate your expertise in implant dentistry through a verifiable credentialing process, the Associate Fellow Membership is your next step.

Your Associate Fellow certificate lets your patients know that you are an experienced, credentialed implant professional. 

Are you ready to begin? 

To become an Associate Fellow you must meet the educational and experiential requirements and pass an examination. 

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√ Are you dedicated to providing the best possible dental implant treatment to your patients?

√ Experienced in surgical placement of dental implants and/or the replacement of teeth?

A Licensed dentist?

√ Completed at least 300 hours of postdoctoral or continuing education related to implant dentistry in the past 12 years?

The Examination Process:

The Associate Fellow membership examination has two parts. 

Part 1 (written) 

The Part 1 (written) examination is designed to assess knowledge of basic science, "entry-level" knowledge and understanding of implant dentistry principles, and the ability to apply these principles in a clinical situation.  Candidates have four hours to complete the 150 multiple-choice questions on the examination.  The Study Guide for Associate Fellow and Fellow Examinations includes a list of key words and subject areas, which are likely be included on the examination.   

Part 1 of the examination can be taken in either a print (paper and pencil) or computer-based format.  Both formats are available in the United States. However, only the computer-based format is available in other countries.  The computer-based examination is given at Pearson Vue testing centers, which are located throughout the world.   Click here to locate a Pearson Vue test center in your area.  See the examination schedule for the dates, locations and the deadlines by which the application and the $1,085 application fee are due in the Headquarters Office. 

Candidates for Associate Fellowship must pass Part 1, i.e., the written examination, before taking part 2, which is the oral/case examination.   

Those who have passed Part 1 (written) of the Associate Fellow examination have the option of taking the oral/case examination for either Associate Fellow or Fellow membership. Candidates who select the Fellow option must meet the educational, experiential, and professional and leadership requirements for Fellowship. Additionally, they must complete the oral/case examination successfully within four years after passing the Part 1 (written) examination and must be general members of the Academy in good standing.

More about Part 1

Part 2 (oral/case)

Part 2 includes an oral examination and the defense of three cases that meet the criteria specified in the Case Requirements section of the Requirements for the Associate Fellow Membership Examination. For the oral examination, candidates review a written description, a panograph and a photograph for five (5) standardized cases and then respond to questions related to treatment. The case examination is based on the cases submitted by the candidate and follows a case presentation and discussion format.

The oral/case examination must be completed successfully within four years after passing the Part 1 (written) examination; and candidates for the oral/case examination must be general members of the Academy in good standing.

The oral/case part of the Associate Fellow examination is given in Chicago once a year, usually in late April or early May, and the application deadline each year is February 1.  

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Once elected:

√ Attend the next AAID Business Meeting to be inducted as an Associate Fellow.

√ Keep your membership in good standing