Affiliate Associate Fellow Membership

What is an Affiliate Associate Fellow?

Affiliate Associate Fellow Membership is open to anyone who has passed Part 1 of the Associate Fellowship examination, regardless of when they took it. Although not a credential and not a voting category, this membership status gives appropriate recognition for the accomplishments made by eligible members. Affiliate Associate Fellows receive the same member benefits as general members.

I think I qualify. How do I become one?

Any current AAID member can transfer his or her membership status by filling out the Application to Transfer Membership Status. No additional payment is needed.

If you are no longer a member, but passed Part 1 of the Associate Fellow Examination, you may rejoin AAID as an Affiliate Associate Fellow by filling out the Application for Affiliate Associate Fellow Membership. Please send the completed application to the headquarters office with your annual dues payment.

How would this affect my annual dues?

It wouldn't. Affiliate Associate Fellows pay the same dues that they would as a general member ($345 annually, unless qualifications for student, recent graduate or military rates are met).